People and Defining Ourselves

September 8, 2014


By Terence T. Gorski , author
September 8, 2014

People pass in and out of our lives. Some touch us and others are distance shadows. Some touch us gently and with love. The touch of others is harsh and painful, perhaps even cruel and brutal.

Some people pass through our lives quickly and are suddenly gone. Others stay for a long while.

Some people leave us when we need them most. We can also leave others when they need us most. Fortunately, ther are many time we are there for each other at just the right moments when we need them most.

Every one of these people influence us. It makes no difference how they come into our lives, how long they stay, or the way we touch each other while we are together. It matters little how or why they move in and out of our lives. It just matters that they show up, are there for awhile, and then move on They they influence us — that is what counts.

They shape us in ways both subtle and profound. Even the distant shadows of those we never meet ice as specters at the edge of our consciousness.

There is one thing, however, that they cannot do — they cannot define us. Whether we know it or not we all define ourselves. We do this by choosing what we believe about those who pass through our lives — and more importantly what we choose to believe about our selves.

That choice is ours, but only a precious few of us know and believe that we have this incredible power. The rest of us live the big lie that we are victims of a world too big and complicated to understand and of other people who are too strong, or smart, or important to stand against.

The truth is tat even in victory, we can decide that we are victims; and even in the midst of our greatest of defeats we can decide we are are survivors, or heroes, or even winners.

In the end the choice is ours — and the way we define ourselves may be the most important choice we ever make.

In the end we will all stand alone gazing into the sunset of our lives contemplating the story we have written by the choices that we made. Hopefully we will have grown to the pony where we see that it is what it is; we did what we did; and somehow it is all OK.


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