Relapse Prevention Therapy (RPT): An Evidence-based Practice

December 31, 2013


Relapse following drug treatment is quite common. “Relapse Prevention Therapy is a behavioral self-control program that teaches individuals how to anticipate and cope with the potential for relapse” (NREPP). In addition, RPT serves to normalize relapse as part of the overall recovery process, thus reducing the negative feelings and behaviors that result from a setback.

The GORSKI-CENAPS Model brings proven evidence-based practices to recovery and relapse prevention by providing proven methods for identifying and managing early relapse warning signs and high risk situations. It also presents methods for planning to stop relapse quickly should it occur. All of the key practices of evidenced-based Relapse Prevention Therapy (RPT) are made available in practical and easy to use workbooks. Training is available to teach the most effective ways to make use the workbooks in individual and group therapy and in support groups.

National Registry of Evidence-based Practices (NREPP)
North Carolina Practice Improvement Collaborative (NCPIC)


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