Rising Above The Consumer Christmas – Giving Your Presence

December 25, 2013

The gift of your sober and loving presence Is the best gift you can give.
Your sober and responsible PRESENCE will be remembered more than any of the PRESENTS that you give.

By Terence T. Gorski, Author
December 25, 2013

Most of us have been turned into good little consumers by our commercial culture. We are conditioned to see our self-worth in terms of the gifts we can afford to give or the value of the gifts we receive.

The giving of our love and caring – the sharing of our lives – does not seem to be of any value. The giving of ourselves seems worthless when compared to expensive gifts piled up high under the tree. We can get so depressed that we can’t afford those gifts they we withdraw and take away the truly valuable gift we have to give to another – ourselves.

It is the human commitment we share with others, especially during the hard times of life, that is the greatest gift we have to give. The size or value of the gifts we give are pale in comparison to sharing our love and just being there with those that we love.

Being clean, sober, and responsible is the gift we give to ourselves. Being present with those we love is the gift we give to the world. For those who are affected by the addiction of another the greatest gift we have is reclaiming ourselves, detaching with love, and telling our addicted loved ones the truth with love and tenderness.

I have never heard a child at the funeral of a parent say: “I wish he/she had given me better presents at Christmas.” I have heard many say: “I wish I had gotten to know them better. I wish we could have been closer and had more time together.”

Be present with those you love at Christmas. If you can give the gift of your loving presence, then you have the most precious of all gifts. Give of your time and attention. That is the greatest gift of all.

The present is a moment or period in time that lives as between past and future.

Your Presence is being available to those you love in the moment – showing up in that small slice of reality that lives between what happened and what will come.

The greatest gift we give to ourselves is being clean, sober, and responsible. The greatest gift we can give to those we love is being present as a sober and responsible human being.


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