The Antidote For Addition

August 23, 2014


By Terence T Gorski,
gorski Gorski Books

There is an antidote for addiction and irresponsibility. The antidote is sobriety and responsibility:

Sobriety is the willingness ability to manage both the pleasant and unpleasant experiences of life without the need to use addictive drugs.

Responsibility is the willingness and ability to live a moral life that contributes to life, health, full vitality, and individual freedom.

Responsible People:
– They tell the truth (They don’t lie);
– They engage in honest exchanges of value (They don’t cheat);
– They value the right to their own property and respect the right of others to their property (They din’t steal); and
– They are willing to admit their mistakes and take responsibility for repairing the damage caused by their mistakes.

Building Sobriety and and Responsibility

Sobriety and responsibility develop as a result of working the 12-Steps and other programs of spiritual and psychological growth.

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