God and the Sunrise

February 15, 2015


By Terence T. Gorski, Author

Once, in the early morning just before sunrise, I was standing with a student waiting for the sun to come up. I was teaching a class on relapse prevention at a conference center in Arizona. I got up early to watch the sunrise. A young man, one of my students, walked up next to me. We both gazed toward the east waiting for the sun to come up

“Do you believe in God?”  the student suddenly asked.

The question surprised me. Before I could answer,  the first rays of the sunrise broke over the eastern horizon – pushing away the darkness of night and blanketing the sand-colored rock with an incredible mist of swirling colors.

I looked at the young man and for a moment. Then I turned back to watch the brilliantly colored rays role gently role toward us. They seemed, at first, to be boiling above the hot desert sand. As the sun rose higher in the sky, the multicolored mist turned into a blazing ball of silver and gold. it was so bright we had to squint our eyes and look away.

“Well – Do you believe in God?” The boy asked again. I had forgotten he had asked the question. His voice was so insistent and his face was so serious that I knew I had to answer

“Yes,” I Said. “I believe in God. There is certainly someone or something bigger and more powerful than me – Someone who capable making much better sunrises than I ever could. I believe in God very strongly when I watch his powerful works unfold all around me.” The boy seemed satisfied with my answer.

We gave one last glance at the rising sun. We turned and walked back into the conference room. Even though the rising sun was incredibly beautiful, there was no time to waste. We were learning about how to help addicts and their families recovery. As we settled in and I began the class, I could feel the presence of God in the room and I realized that the work we were doing in the classroom was just as powerful and awe-inspiring as the sunrise we had just experienced

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Spirituality – One Point of View

November 5, 2014

By Terence T. Gorski,

I think of spirituality as the nonphysical aspects of the human being that involve:

– Thinking,
– Feeling,
– Imagining,
– Learning, and
– Remembering,

These nonphysical aspects give us:
– The ability to establish conscious contact with a power greater than ourselves.
– The capacity for self-awareness,
– The ability to make decisions and exercise free will,
– The ability to seek and find a sense of meaning and purpose in life,
– The the ability to embrace, endure, transcend, and find meaning in the pain, problems, and suffering in life
– The capacity to enjoy and find peace in a wide variety of human experience.

With the continuing evolution of thought, there is a large area of overlapping concepts that can be described in both spiritual and psychological language while expressing essentially the same ideas and concepts. The future challenge will be to agree upon a common language to reduce confusion and misunderstanding and facilitate the continued growth of the human mind and spirit that is aligned with higher principles reflecting goodness love, and peace among of of mankind.

The above statement summarizes my best thinking on spirituality at this moment. Please remember that I am but a fallible human being who could be wrong.

Terence T. Gorski
November 4, 2014

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