Chem Trails – A Conspiracy Theory?

December 31, 2014

By Terence T. Gorski, Author

What are “chemtrails and what is causing them? Should we be afraid of them?

I really wish I knew for certain. I have been following the “fringe” news stories about chemtrails for a long time along with stories that that claim all chemtrails are just contrails. I am a fan of conspiracy theories and have been for most of my life.

As with all things called “conspiracy theory related” it is difficult to know for sure what the truth is. I certainly do not trust government sources about most things because the government has proved itself basically untrustworthy. I cross-check government information whenever possible. I also do not trust everything I read on the Internet. Anybody can post anything on the Internet. So I have no idea what is happening regarding the “chemtrail vs. contrail controversy.”

Here is a summary of different a sides to the argument about Chemtrails and contrails. I found this in a simple google search on chemtrail. Both sides have convincing arguments for their position. Both are supported by pictorial evidence. Even pictures, however, can be easily faked in Photoshop.

There are two sides to the argument:

(1) Some people argue that it is just contrails of jet aircraft.

If it is “chem trails” instead of “contrails,” we are in deep trouble because one of two things may be happening:


(1) Some people argue that the government is experimenting with weather control to either use severe weather events as weapons of war or as experiments to manage global climate change.

(2) Still others argue that space aliens, perhaps in cooperation with major governments, are terraforming the earth to accommodate large scale relocation of alien species to earth.

It is much easier to believe they are just contrails of jet aircraft.

Watching the sky in above Fort Lauderdale, FL I have noticed that on some days these trails cover nearly 60% of the sky. On other days there are very few.

The heaviest trails are visible in the dawn skies and dissipate as the day goes on.


On other days there are very few or no trails in the sky.


They don’t seem to be related to the volume of air traffic from Fort Lauderdale Airport. This is simply casual observation and I may be incorrect. I have not actually checked flight volumes on the mornings with dense contrails. There are also other factors that effect contrails including temperature, humidity, and altitude of the aircraft.

I am not afraid to look at both sides of any issue with an open mind. I do however, embrace a skeptical philosophy that says: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinaire evidence.” Read the justification of this position on the Internet: “>”=””>

“Don’t trust everything you read on the internet because most posts do not accurately reference their sources.” ~ Abraham Lincoln.

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