Terry is an author, educator, and consultant specializing in addiction, recovery, and relapse prevention for addiction and related problems. He has a special interest in combat stress and the health of all of our warriors and protectors.
“Each day I pray for peace as I look for a realistic solution to individual and collective violence.” ~ Terence. T. Gorski


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  1. Roger C. says:

    Hi Terence: I would be most interested in discussing the possibility of you writing a blog/post for AA Agnostica. I am particularly interested in your excellent work in the area of recovery. And/or we could post/re-post a review of one of your more recent works. Lots of options. Let me know what you think. And thank you for your work! Roger.

  2. Hey Terry, did a relapse retreat for California Nurses in Diversion yesterday and they all wanted me to tell you thank you. They need to complete your RPC Workbook in early diversion and the RPT Workbook to transition out of diversion.

  3. Rene Cross says:

    just come across this information……and it’s interesting Terry, am just going through some learning on a relapse prevention unit in Wiltshire UK (CATS- actiononaddiction) and I must say that I can identify with some of the warning signs which have surfaced intermittently during my nigh on ten years abstinence via NA and it’s 12 step programme

  4. I am very impressed at the ease you flow through so many topics and the recovery process.I am an artist and saved myself through art.Currently I promote my work and find my writing to be excellent and it surprises me as well. However I am looking for a way to make my blog profitable.
    As you say writing or art generally provides it’s luminosity when you have none. That is a real pet peeve, how nonchalant that sounds when you have no food because you needed paint.
    Well woes always feel better when shared however that was not my intent but I wanted to say that your quality and quantity are astounding. I appreciate your generosity in sharing life healing info.

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