By Terence T. Gorski, May 21, 2017

Life goes on! As my life moves into its final chapter, I realize that two great challenges face me:
1. Organizing and archiving in an easily understandable and useable way, the great archive of organized knowledge and useable skills about recovery technology and relapse prevention that I have spent over 45 years of my career developing so it can be readily available for future generations. (I have begun this project at; and

2. To set up an ongoing international movement to transmit this RECOVERY AND RELAPSE PREVENTION TECHNOLOGY to the next generations of clinicians. 

3. To motivate them to deeply understand and build upon these principles and practices by integrating it with their personal clinical skills and program styles, so they My continue to improve it based upon based upon their personal experiences and continued completion and application of research. 

As your life goes on, please consider joining me in moving these final challenges of my career forward. If you wish to join me please forward your email to

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