The Active Addict and You 

December 29, 2015

  When you are with an active addict, you don’t exist. 

Their number one priority is FEELING THE HIGH, their number two priority is GETTING THE MONEY to get the drugs that make them high. Their number three priority is PROTECTING THEIR SUPPLY. This means that their drug, the dealer that provides it will, and the money to pay the dealer will always come first. 

When you love an active addict it is difficult to realize that you only exist as a source of supply. When you stop being s source of supply, you will disappear from their consciousness. 

It is not that you are their second or third priority. The reality is that in their mind you don’t exist. All that exists is the high and the source of supply. 

You can never be their high. As a source of supply you are 100% replaceable. 


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