Swimming Against the Current 

 By Terence T. Gorski, Author

Did you ever feel like you were swimming against the currents of life? You were afraid to stop swimming. Yet were too exhausted and couldn’t carry on. 
You know life is fragile and letting go may kill you. You also know that if you just carry on against the current you will die. 

This is the dilemma everyone teaches at some point in their lives. Why? 

“All true stories end in death.” ~ Earnest Hemingway

Yet we are biologically conditioned to cling to life and fight against death. We are pushed by the fear of death and pulled forward by the joy and promise of life. 

We are the only animal on earth cursed to live with the conscious knowledge that we will die. 

Swim on. During the times of gentle water allow yourself to let go and drift with the current.  

Gorski Books: http://www.relapse.org 

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