Parent of Addicted Children: Getting The Help You Need

When you have children they don;t come with an instruction manual. This is unfortunately because the world is becoming  more complicated, many experts disagree on  the best approaches to parenting children to help them grow into some and responsible people. All of the while parents are doing there best to raise some responsible children, powerful cultural forces backed by billions (yes I said billions) of dollars are work full time to undermine their efforts in the pursuit of profit. These cultural forces have consolidated into four powerful industries working against responsible parenting. These are:

1. The alcohol industry;

2. The pharmaceutical industry which is the root of prescription drug addiction;

3. An illegal drug yet high accessible illegal drug industry; and

4. The rapidly growing legal marijuana industry.

The combined influence of these four addiction-promoting industries has been to make drinking, drugging, and getting high appear to be safe an normal. The present people who get addicted as the exception rather than the rule.

The message of these GET ADDICTED STAY ADDICTED INDUSTRIES is very simple.

“It’s normal to want to get high by drinking socially and using drugs recreationally. Th regular and heavy use of alcohol and other drugs/medication is normal and harmless. Successful people can handle it with no problems. Those who can;t handle it have something seriously wrong with them. The drugs aren’t the problem. The problem is that you are too defective to engage in recreational alcohol and drug use. Tis means you mentally ill or a criminal and should be locked up away from us social and recreational users who have it together and can enjoy using with getting into trouble.”

I have been following the Kathy Toughinbauch Blog 

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