By Terence T. Gorski
The Books of Terence T. Gorski

People who truly think and share their thoughts verbally and in writing cannot be silenced, even in death. This is because the ideas that they express that will live on. Ideas take on a live of their own and move contagiously from mind to mind. The ideas expressed are part of something bigger, a long tradition of like-minded thinkers.

We all stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us. And those who come after us, will stand upon our shoulders.

So isn’t right for each of us to train hard so we can be strong in body, mind, and spirit? So we can have strong shoulders for future generations to stand upon.

This is an important job — perhaps the only job of any consequence. It is up to each of us to provide a strong set of shoulders for those who will come after us. This is our sacred obligation to all of humanity.

Those coming after us must stand on our shoulders, for they have no other choice. They need to have a strong platform upon which to stand — a platform that is worthy of them and of us all.

The Books of Terence T. Gorski

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