Public Health Addiction Policy

By Terence T. Gorski

The time is getting right for the nation, on a state-by-state basis, to shift from a War on Drugs Policy to a Public Health Addiction Policy.

The motto of the War On Drugs Is:

The War on drugs is a GET TOUGH, BE DUMB approach to the international effort manage the addiction epidemic.

The motto of the Public Health Addiction Policy is GET TOUGH, BE SMART

The Public Health Addiction Policy is a GET TOUGH, BE SMART approach that used public health policies, that were do successful in managing the cigarette addiction problem. Early Intervention, Treatment, and Relapse Prevention needs to be the leading approach, supported by law enforcement efforts.


Addiction is a public health issue yet the Center for Disease Control (CDC) does not mention it as a top priority. The closest it comes is to address public health approaches to tobacco and smoking. This has lead to a reduction in smoking.

It is time to shift more responsibility to the CDC for managing the alcohol and drug abuse epidemic.


The goal should be building sober and responsible communities by promoting sober and responsible lifestyles both as prevention and to provide a supportive environment for recovering people.

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One Response to Public Health Addiction Policy

  1. For this to occur it is necessary that Policy makers, regulatory agencies and other governmental bodies recognize that they have been bamboozled by the American Society of Addiction Medicine and do a critical analysis of the decisions and public policy positions that have been made based on the logical fallacy of expert opinion. Addiction Medicine needs to be based on evidence and outcomes and if you look at the history of the ASAM it is essentially a front-group for the drug and alcohol testing, assessment and treatment industry. The ASAM White Paper on Drug Testing is essential reading and describes a system of coercion and control using the medical profession as a drug-testing agency and utilizing Laboratory Developed Tests that they introduced (to bypass FDA approval and oversight). Unless other agencies start speaking up about this it will become a reality and Addiction as a public health issue will be define by the ASAM.

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