By Terence T. Gorski,

This is an irrational way of thinking in which the positive or pleasurable aspects of a past experience are exaggerated while the negative or painful aspects are denied or minimized.

EUPHORIC RECALL is what draws us back to addictive use in spite of the past pain and problems. . It is what sends us romancing and chasing the high — trying to make it feel as good as it once did. It makes relapse seem like such a good idea before you do it and such a disappointment after it is done

“Is my entire past nothing but a collection of memories dressed up to make things seem better than they really were. ” ~ Terence T. Gorski

Euphoric recall often takes the form of addictive war stories, in which past drinking and drugging experiences are glorified and made to seem better than they actually were.

People can actually feel better for a moment when vividly remembering a better-than-it-was memory of past addictive use. When the memory fades it can make the reality of recovery seem boring and uneventful.

This can lead to a feeling of deprivation based upon the mistaken belief that I can never have good times or the good life while in recovery. Deprivation thinking, when firmly believed, can activate a craving or urge for addictive use b

I have seen many people driven down the road to relapse by the false belief that it was better that it was., and will be even better than that in the future.

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