Chem Trails – A Conspiracy Theory?

December 31, 2014

By Terence T. Gorski, Author

What are “chemtrails and what is causing them? Should we be afraid of them?

I really wish I knew for certain. I have been following the “fringe” news stories about chemtrails for a long time along with stories that that claim all chemtrails are just contrails. I am a fan of conspiracy theories and have been for most of my life.

As with all things called “conspiracy theory related” it is difficult to know for sure what the truth is. I certainly do not trust government sources about most things because the government has proved itself basically untrustworthy. I cross-check government information whenever possible. I also do not trust everything I read on the Internet. Anybody can post anything on the Internet. So I have no idea what is happening regarding the “chemtrail vs. contrail controversy.”

Here is a summary of different a sides to the argument about Chemtrails and contrails. I found this in a simple google search on chemtrail. Both sides have convincing arguments for their position. Both are supported by pictorial evidence. Even pictures, however, can be easily faked in Photoshop.

There are two sides to the argument:

(1) Some people argue that it is just contrails of jet aircraft.

If it is “chem trails” instead of “contrails,” we are in deep trouble because one of two things may be happening:


(1) Some people argue that the government is experimenting with weather control to either use severe weather events as weapons of war or as experiments to manage global climate change.

(2) Still others argue that space aliens, perhaps in cooperation with major governments, are terraforming the earth to accommodate large scale relocation of alien species to earth.

It is much easier to believe they are just contrails of jet aircraft.

Watching the sky in above Fort Lauderdale, FL I have noticed that on some days these trails cover nearly 60% of the sky. On other days there are very few.

The heaviest trails are visible in the dawn skies and dissipate as the day goes on.


On other days there are very few or no trails in the sky.


They don’t seem to be related to the volume of air traffic from Fort Lauderdale Airport. This is simply casual observation and I may be incorrect. I have not actually checked flight volumes on the mornings with dense contrails. There are also other factors that effect contrails including temperature, humidity, and altitude of the aircraft.

I am not afraid to look at both sides of any issue with an open mind. I do however, embrace a skeptical philosophy that says: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinaire evidence.” Read the justification of this position on the Internet: “>”=””>

“Don’t trust everything you read on the internet because most posts do not accurately reference their sources.” ~ Abraham Lincoln.

Learning To Stand Back Up

December 30, 2014

By Terence T. Gorski,

Life isn’t always perfect. We all flow through the ups and downs of life. The trick is accepting during the down times that we can find a way to get back up. We may need to ask for help and make changes, but there is always a way to get back up.

A young boy once asked his father: Why did God make us in a way that we can fall down?” His father answered: “God made us that way so we can learn to stand back up!”

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PTSD and Addiction: A Cognitive Restructuring Approach

December 29, 2014

The relationship of PTSD, ADDICTION, AND RELAPSE has been one of the most talked about areas on my blog. As a result I am reposting information on this very important topic.

Terry Gorski's Blog

By Terence T. Gorski, Author
June 22, 2013

Unknown Recovery Is Possible With
Cognitive Restructuring

 WHEN  TREATING PTSD AND ADDICTION, I don’t use a single approach – I use a consistent set of principles and practices. I strive to be sensitive and adaptive to the emerging needs of patients in the moment. The key seems to be a balance of flexibility and consistency.  Everyone responds in a uniquely personal way in learning to understand and manage PTSD. I like the idea that and the PTSD recovery process results in Post Traumatic Growth. People don’t just overcome their symptoms. They grow and change in positive ways.


First I do a comprehensive assessment of PTSD. This includes an analysis of presenting problems, a life history, and a history of treatment and recovery. I include efforts at self-help to be important. Most people try everything they know…

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December 28, 2014

By Terence T. Gorski,

This is an irrational way of thinking in which the positive or pleasurable aspects of a past experience are exaggerated while the negative or painful aspects are denied or minimized.

EUPHORIC RECALL is what draws us back to addictive use in spite of the past pain and problems. . It is what sends us romancing and chasing the high — trying to make it feel as good as it once did. It makes relapse seem like such a good idea before you do it and such a disappointment after it is done

“Is my entire past nothing but a collection of memories dressed up to make things seem better than they really were. ” ~ Terence T. Gorski

Euphoric recall often takes the form of addictive war stories, in which past drinking and drugging experiences are glorified and made to seem better than they actually were.

People can actually feel better for a moment when vividly remembering a better-than-it-was memory of past addictive use. When the memory fades it can make the reality of recovery seem boring and uneventful.

This can lead to a feeling of deprivation based upon the mistaken belief that I can never have good times or the good life while in recovery. Deprivation thinking, when firmly believed, can activate a craving or urge for addictive use b

I have seen many people driven down the road to relapse by the false belief that it was better that it was., and will be even better than that in the future.

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Medal of Honor Recipient Supports Emergency First Responders

December 28, 2014

Friday, December 26th, 2014

Sgt. Dakota Meyer became the youngest living Medal of Honor recipient, as well as the first Marine to receive the honor in 38 years.

Meyer was using that clout to advance another cause. The Marine was lobbying to win respect and safety for some other heroes — America’s first responders.

America was horrified at the execution-style shootings of officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos in New York City last weekend.

In the wake of the shootings, New York experienced sickening demonstrations in which protesters chanted “Pigs in a blanket, smell like bacon!”

That reaction and others told Meyer that first responders weren’t getting the respect they deserve from the people they serve, so he stood up to make that happen. In an interview on Fox News, Meyer explained why.

“There’s nobody in this country that has more skin in the game on behalf of the nation than our veterans and our first responders,” Meyer said.

“And to see what’s happened over the last month … and now you’ve got two New York police officers dead — I mean, we’ve got to stop it somewhere. We’ve got to put our foot down.”

Meyer also lambasted those ascribing racist motives to first responders.

“None of us wake up and say, you know what, today I’m going to serve on behalf of white people, or black people, or Christians, or Muslims,” he said.

“Not one day do we do that. We stand up and we say that we’re going to serve on behalf of America.”

“There’s nobody in this country that has more skin in the game on behalf of the nation than our veterans and our first responders,” Meyer said.

I don’t ask a lot but I need your help to make this trending.

Please share #Isupportfirstresponders
— Dakota Meyer (@Dakota_Meyer) December 21, 2014

Watch his interview here (H/T Breitbart):

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For fun and folk wisdom watch Cris Rock explaining: How not to get your ass kicked by the police

Changing the World

December 27, 2014

By Terence T. Gorski,

What we do makes a difference. It may not seem like it in the moment, but I believe it to be true. What we believe, think and do does count for something.

I like to think that each person, in his or her own way, changes the world just a little bit by how they live their lives. We are all part of the evolution of consciousness. My work means nothing unless it is used by people to make their lives better. This is true of all the work we do. If it is not embraced and found to bring good to other people it means nothing. By finding our purpose in life and standing on our personal truth we all join in pushing the world toward recovery consciousness — which just might change the world.
Terence T. Gorski
December 27, 2014

Humility – A Grand Canyon Memory

December 27, 2014

By Terence T. Gorski

In 1977 I took a geological tour of the Grand Canyon. On the fourth day of the eleven-day trip, the geologist sat us down on a smooth ledge of black rock next to the river.

The geologist explained that we were sitting on a slab of Vishnu Schist, which is the foundation rock of the Grand Canyon.

I picked up a loose piece of the cool black rock. It was smooth and had a dull shine in the light of the crescent moon and the blanket of sparkling stars that were shining above.

I sat in awe as the geologist explained that I was holding a piece of the oldest rock on the earth. It was formed in the Paleolithic era some 17 billion years ago.

The world out their is much bigger and more powerful than human beings, either individually or collectively. I realized that my life or death will not effect the bigger cycles of the universe. I felt as insignificant as a grain of sand yet as significant as if I encompassed the entire universe in my being.

I felt a profound sense of humility. I realized that I was standing ever so briefly on a tiny speck of a vast universe.

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