The Fall of the Berlin Law


By Terence T. Gorski,

Today is 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall (November 9, 2014).
Twenty-five years ago today the Berlin Wall was torn downsizing the beginning of the end of the would alliance of Communism institutionalized by the soviet unit.

Taking down the wall was a peaceful process because Communism had run its murderous course. The failure of communism showed that governments are condemned to fail if they are based upon:
1. Imposing a rigid and inflexible ideology enforced by violence that denies the freedom of thought, speech, and equal opportunity to seek happiness;
2. Centralizing economic and industrial control under government; and
3. Using military strength and conquest as its primary or only source of standing in the world.

People require the freedom of thought, speech, opportunity, and the right to own property as a necessary condition of their very humanity.

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Live Sober- Be Responsible – Live Free

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