Spirituality – One Point of View

By Terence T. Gorski,

I think of spirituality as the nonphysical aspects of the human being that involve:

– Thinking,
– Feeling,
– Imagining,
– Learning, and
– Remembering,

These nonphysical aspects give us:
– The ability to establish conscious contact with a power greater than ourselves.
– The capacity for self-awareness,
– The ability to make decisions and exercise free will,
– The ability to seek and find a sense of meaning and purpose in life,
– The the ability to embrace, endure, transcend, and find meaning in the pain, problems, and suffering in life
– The capacity to enjoy and find peace in a wide variety of human experience.

With the continuing evolution of thought, there is a large area of overlapping concepts that can be described in both spiritual and psychological language while expressing essentially the same ideas and concepts. The future challenge will be to agree upon a common language to reduce confusion and misunderstanding and facilitate the continued growth of the human mind and spirit that is aligned with higher principles reflecting goodness love, and peace among of of mankind.

The above statement summarizes my best thinking on spirituality at this moment. Please remember that I am but a fallible human being who could be wrong.

Terence T. Gorski
November 4, 2014

4 Responses to Spirituality – One Point of View

  1. Guy Lamunyon says:

    Living in the moment – no past, no future just the glorious present.

  2. John Paul says:

    I wrote a critical review of a book on addictions that you will find appalling but should read anyway brotherjohnsministry.com

    Psychology is already spirituality, it is closer to a religion than it is a science it masquerades in providing competing, conflicting definitions of man and how he is to change in now over 500 different schools of thought.

    • Terry Gorski says:

      Psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and religion are concepts that significantly overlap. In this age of sloppy thinking and lack of uniform language and precise definition it is difficulty to carry on meaningful conversation. It is a modern Tower of Babel.

    • Terry Gorski says:

      All of this is true. I probably will mor hate your book. Psychology is fare from a science. So is all but a small petcentage of medical traatment. Psychology, philosophy, and spirituality all overlap. These three areas of thought all lack common language and critical thinking.
      Thanks for the comment.

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