Ebola and Isis: Reasonable Precautions for USA Residents


By Terence T. Gorski
Author, Review Gorski Books

The job of American media is to help the government practice the politics of fear. Most threats are seriously over-stated, but taking reasonable precautions in the face of any threat is never a bad idea.

The Ebola Scare
is a serious thing if you live in Africa or other countries experiencing epidemic contagion. In my opinion, however, if you live in the USA the risk is very low, especially if you take minimal precautions.

Guy Lamunyon pointed out that The risk of ebola may go up in the Southwest because people with Ebola could just walk across the border and disappear into the country. USA Customs loses track of 75% of non-citizens who register at the crossing stations despite a legal requirement to check back in fifteen days.

The quality of sanitation in a community is important to stop the spread of Ebola. So temporary communities for farm workers could rapidly spread the virus if they area living in communities with poor sanitation and overcrowding.

Here are ten things that you can do to protect yourself against Ebola.

1. If you are flying, check where your flight has been in past 72 hours. If it has been in Africa or other countries in the midst of the epidemic consider taking a different flight.

2. Ebola is difficult to get. Transmission requires physical contact with body parts or body fluids that have the virus. So, don’t shake hands with strangers. If you do use hand sanitizer immediately after you are finished

3. Carry both hand sanitizer a and sanitizing towels. wipe all services before you touch them, especially shopping cart handles, hand rails, and anything I’m bathrooms

4. If someone at the airport or on an airplane appears to have fever or flu like symptoms, stay away from that person and report it to a ticket agent or security guard immediately.

5. Switch flights if people are are sick and feverish and and crew crew won’t remove them.

6. In the hotel wipe everything down with sanitizing wipes. Don’t forget the door knobs.

7. The most contaminated thing in a hotel room is the bed cover (bread spread). It is not changed and washed very often and people often lay down upon it right as they get in the room. Ask the hotel to remove the bedspreads from the room even when they assure you they are clean.

8. Be sure to wipe sink and bathtubs especially if there are drops of water which is the most common route of transmission.

9. CARRY A THERMOMETER. If get even a low grade fever be paranoid and go get checked out by a Doctor or at an ER.

10. If an Isis Terrorist comes to behead you, make sure they sanitize the blade so you don’t get Ebola while being decapitated. LOL

SERIOUSLY: Isis has announced that they will begin decapitating people in public places. These would most likely be lone wolf radicalized Americans. In crowds scan the faces of people around you. When stalking or just prior to attacking there is a subtle but very frightening facial expression. Trust you hit. These type of terrorists usually travel in packs of 3 – 5. They spread out in a group to isolate small groups of what appear to be easy victims. You can see them coordinating with eye signals. They may have baggy jackets to hide a blade. Stay away from anyone carrying a sword or machete in a public.

The odds of being attacked by terrorist is so low that it approaches zero. When they do occur they they strike a contagious terror in the hearts of most people. Since they occur on common places like malls and busy streets it robs us of our ability to feel safe anywhere.

These attacks have happened in other countries on crowded streets and in malls. Airports are low risk because of metal detectors.

Be alert, but don’t worry. Wash your hands, sanitize shopping cart handles, and run from people carrying machetes, long knives, or swords and you and you family will probably be fine.

These ten steps will make most people think are are a fanatic, but according to a report from CDC you are have a less than 1% chance of contracting Ebola in the USA. This is because it is hard to get Ebola unless there are sick people around you or you are in a city having an active outbreak of cases. Terrorism is frightening but your odds of being hurt in a terrorist act is less than being hit by lightening.



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