Termination of Treatment and/or Recovery

By Terence T, Gorski

The blog will briefly address three questions:

1. Are addiction and recovery the same thing?

2. Is it appropriate to think in terms of “treatment termination?”

3. Is is appropriate to think in terms of “recovery termination.”

I believe that there is compelling evidence that chemical addiction is a chronic lifestyle-related illness similar to diabetes or heart disease. Once the disease is activated it can be effectively managed and move in and out of remission.

It is important to make a distinction between treatment and recovery. Treatment is a set of specific interventions provided by trained professionals to manage acute symptom episodes. It is appropriate to initiate and terminate treatment based upon the symptoms the person is experiencing. Recovery is the day-to-day lifestyle management, often support by a nonprofessional support group, that is needed to promote sobriety and overall health and avoiding relapse and stopping relapse quickly should it occur.

As a result episodes of treatment can be initiated and terminated as determined by active symptoms. Since the chronic disease of addiction will need lifestyle management for life, the idea of termination of a recovery lifestyle would be in appropriate. The Recivery program, will need to be modified as a person moves through different stages of recovery, the progressive stages of life development, and changes in the environment caused by major life change.

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One Response to Termination of Treatment and/or Recovery

  1. Chastity says:

    However, by using the right approach, you may be able to help your teen make differences that
    will literally save his or her life. In 2002 scientists at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) created knockout mice that lacked a gene that coded for a protein called PTP1B (protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B).

    A change in lifestyle and eating habit goes long way to stop weight gain and curb obesity.

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