NIDA Archives: The Gorski-CENAPS Model

Here is the link to the first comprehensive description of the Gorski-CENAPS Model from the Archive of the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA). This is a critical reference for people researching or adapting the model. The concise descriptions of all aspects of the model can become the basis for handouts and articles.

Other Gorski Publications.

2 Responses to NIDA Archives: The Gorski-CENAPS Model

  1. I don’t see a contact or email link, so I’m leaving this here. Two of your recent posts, “The Seat of Flesh I Draw,” and another one on Robin Williams anonymity being violated appeared on my bloglovin feed, but not present on your blog.

  2. […] biopsychosocial model has been an integral part of The Gorski-CENAPS Model of recovery and relapse prevention since the late 1970’s. The recognition of this approach […]

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