Pain and Primitive Addictive Drives


By Terence T. Gorski, Author

Life is a painful process. It is less painful today than in more primitive times, but life is painful none-the-less.

People have always had to struggle to find ways to manage the pain inherent in life. A few methods seem to have stood the test of time:

1. The adrenaline rush of violent manipulation aimed at acquiring and maintaining power and control over others. (All involved, the victors, victims, and observers feel the rush.)

2. Mysticism and other practices that induce states of consciousness capable of transcending pain.

3. Intense sexuality, individually, as couples, or on groups.

4. Alcohol and other mind-altering drugs.

5. Play that is captivating in its strategy and competitive in its practice.

For the most part, however, mankind mixed and matched all of the above in infinite combinations to find relief and ecstasy.

It seems like the core methods of managing pain, both physical and psychic, have changed very little.

The five most effective mechanisms for managing the pain still remain: Fight, Fuck, Pray, Play, and Medicate.

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