Poison As A Preferred Pleasure 

969274_625783080787533_1366431777_nBy Terence T. Gorski, Author

I am constantly amazed by how many people view alcohol and marihuana as harmless. Even more frightening is the willingness of people of all ages to put unknown substances into their bodies that are produced by criminals who give the promise of getting high.

All psychoactive chemicals change mood by directly changing how the brain works. Small doses of brain-altering chemicals can cause serious problems with the ability to think clearly, manage feelings and emotions, remember things, use good judgment and control destructive impulses.

The brain can recovery most of the time, but not all if the time. In the best of circumstances the recovery of the brain usually happens slowly.

I suggest it is good idea to be very careful about the things we put into our bodies that can damage the brain. In make this suggestion with the same level of seriousness that I suggest you always wear a parachute when you jump out of an airplane.

“I have never used any mind altering drug that was not pharmaceutical grade. People who put drugs of unknown composition and purity in their bodies are either ignorant (they don’t know the real risks to the brain and mind), stupid (they know the risk and choose to ignore it), or addicted (they know the risk, want to stop, but find that they can’t). ~ Timothy Leary, in a private conversation with Terence T. Gorski

One Response to Poison As A Preferred Pleasure 

  1. […] Terence Gorski posted this quote at the end of a brief essay, “Poison as a Preferred Pleasure.” He first expressed his amazement with how many people today view alcohol and marijuana as harmless. Even more frightening to him was the willingness of people to experiment with new, largely unknown substances in the pursuit of getting high. See my essay on Playing Chemical Whack-a-Mole. […]

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