The Story of the Snake

by Terry Gorski.
Dec 14, 2011

In the cold of winter, a man found a poisonous snake stiff and frozen in his yard. Having mercy on the snake, he brought it into his home and put it in front of the fire to thaw out.

He thought the snake might be hungry when it awoke, so he went to get a bowl of milk so the snake would have something to eat when it thawed. As he put the bowl in front of the snake, it struck out and bit the kind-hearted man.

As the man felt the venom flow in his veins and feeling death coming upon him he asked the snake: “Why, after all that I have done for you, did you bite me and kill me.”

The snake hissed his answer: “You knew I was a poisonous snake when you picked me up! What did you expect me to do? Give you a kiss?
So it is with people and in life!
~ Terry Gorski


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