Rules of the Workplace

By Terence T. Gorski, Author

Over the course of my career many people have discussed problems they are having at work. Many times these problems result from violating or failing to understand ten basic rules of the workplace.

1. STRESS: The workplace is always stressful. Learn how to manage it or stress-related problems will hurt your performance.

2. HABITUAL EARLINESS: Get in the habit of getting to work a little bit early and staying a little bit late. Being early gives you time to settle in and plan your day before the action starts. Staying a little late gives you the time to think through the day mark progress to build upon and problems to correct.

3. GOING THE EXTRA MILE: Get in the habit of doing a little bit more than expected without being asked to do it, without expectation of praise or gratitude and with a positive attitude.

4. ALL WORKPLACES ARE POLITICAL: Be aware of what goes on in the workplace that no one wants to see or talk about. Leave it hidden, unless it is is your explicit responsibility to expose and fix it. Avoid pointing out the problems hidden in plain sight. They are hidden and ignored for a reason.

5. THERE IS NO PERFECT WORKPLACE: Learn to accept the flaws and work around them. If the benefits don’t out way the problems inherent in your job, responsibly move on to something better without burning your bridges behind you. Remember, however, jobs always look better from the outside in than the inside out.

6. REMEMBER IT IS CALLED WORK FOR A REASON: You go to work to earn a living, do a job, add value to the business you work for, and improve your skills and resume. You don’t work for fun, personal growth, or to enhance your social life.

7. WORK IS STRESSFUL: Work by it’s very nature is stressful. This is because work relationships are conditional. You have your job on the condition you can successful perform your duties and meet your responsibilities.

– Face the truth
– Set a goal,
– Make a plan,
– Work the plan.

9. YOUR REAL JOB: Your real job is to make you bosses job easier, build up the people who build you up, and ignore everyone else. Let your enemies die of their own stupidity.

10. KEEPING ROMANCE OUT OF THE WORKLACE: You go to work to build a career, not to fall in love or get laid. Romantic/Sexual Relationships with people in the workplace can literally screw-up even the best career plans.


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