Denial is a normal and natural response for coping with painful and overwhelming problems. This workbook describes the twelve most common denial patterns and guides the reader through a series of exercises that help them identify and more effectively manage their own denial.

This workbook is Designed to help people overcome denial, recognize their addiction, and make a personal commitment to recovery.

The structured exercises contained in this workbook teach the reader how to recognize and more effectively manage their denial when it occurs.

Other exercises invite the client to put these new skills to use by identifying and clarifying the problems that caused them to seek help, their life and addiction history, and their personal symptoms of addiction. Clients are then guided through the process of making a firm and deep commitment to taking a next step in recovery.
Denial Management – A Cognitive Restructuring Approach


  1. Girish kurra says:

    I m interested to buy this book. I m based in new delhi, India.

  2. Alex Tate says:

    Nice book…. Physicians who are facing the problem of Denial Claims must also read this book to remove their frustration

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