Solitary Confinement: Research and Experiences

Has anyone following this blog been in prison and served time in solitary confinement. Dr. Grassian, a trusted colleague, is interested in interviewing people to further his research on the impact of solitary confinement. Please review the correspondence below.  If you can help Dr. Grassian find people willing to be interviewed please contact him.
Stuart Grassian  M.D.

401 Beacon Street
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
(617) 244-3315 

Please read our correspondence below for more information.
Dear Mr. Gorski,
Thanks for your words of support.  As you know, addictions and imprisonment are so tightly connected;  I am pleased to learn of your work reaching out to those who have experienced both.
Earlier this year I made a commitment to try to collect stories of individuals who, now released back into the community, had spent a great deal of time in solitary confinement.  I would greatly appreciate any referrals you might have of individuals who have experienced this and might be willing to share their experience (of course, confidentiality would be maintained).
I hope the new year finds you well and that your work continues to make a difference.
Stuart Grassian  M.D.

401 Beacon Street
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
(617) 244-3315

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Subject: Thank You For You Work

Dear Dr. Grassian,

I have been delinquent in expressing my gratitude and and telling you about how useful your work has been to me. As a means f introduction I am an author and a trainer/consultant specializing in addiction and related mental health problems. I have developed a popular model of Relapse Prevention Therapy (RPT).  and through me uncountable addiction professionals trying to understand the unusual and difficult to deal problem they have in treating patients who have been incarcerated. When I started trying to meet the needs of these counselors, I constructed a concept called Post Incarceration Syndrome (PICS). Initially it was very popular, until of course, the economy and climate of addiction treatment radically changed through the influence of Government Policy.
Here are links to several internet resources that show how your work has influenced me:
1. My blog republishing a basic article that has been reference and reposted many times:
6. Relapse Prevention In The Salvation Army programs:
This is just a sample of the many people who have spread your ideas which are contained in the concept of Post Incarceration Syndrome.
I wanted you to know that your has, is, and will continue to make a difference to me and countless lives that your research and writing have changed for the better. Thank you for your contributions and you career work.
Terence T. Gorski

5 Responses to Solitary Confinement: Research and Experiences

  1. Steven J Taormina says:

    I am here if you need anything from me Terry .. I worked as a NYS CO in Sing Sing and I didi a stint in the womens Correctional Bedford Hills NY for 7 Months I also have three yeras as a drug counselor at Pike County Correctional Facility In Hawley ( Lords Valley _ PA.. reach out I will be there.. Blessings as always .. Your brother/servant In Christ Jesus
    Steven J Taormina…..INRI13151@ AOL.COM

  2. Terry Gorski says:

    Please email Dr. Grassian directly if you can refer people who have survived solitary confinement and are willing to be interviewed. His email is in the body of the blog. Please pass it on to others who might be helpful.

  3. Keri B. says:

    Is this limited to people who were in solitary in MA (since I noticed that in the address)? If not, I did some time in solitary in NY and know a lot of other who have as well.

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