The Fog of Recovery


The Deep Fog In Recovery

By Terence T. Gorski, Author
December 28, 2013

When a deep fog covers the land, it is good to walk carefully. When it invades the mind, we cannot trust even ourselves. In those times we need to reach out for help and accept the guidance from trusted friends and professionals.

The fog burns off under the bright sun of a sober and responsible life. We need to stay out in the light as we recover and avoid the shadows and dark places.

It also helps to eat healthy meals (low sugar, low-fat, complex carbs), supplement with B-complex vitamins and amino acid, meditate, and develop more effective life management skills.

When in a fog you need the help of others who know the way out. They can guide you to the bridge and the city beyond. No one can walk the path for you. You have to make the journey on your own two feet, taking one step at a time. You need to be willing to develop a lifeline of sober and responsible people who have traveled this path before and be willing to follow their lead.

The fog is caused by Post Acute Withdrawal (PAW), which results the long-term of after effects of brain dysfunction caused by active addiction. Post mean after, in this case, after acute withdrawal. A syndrome is a collection of symptoms. So post acute withdrawal is a collection of predictable symptoms that occur in addicted people after acute withdrawal subsides.

PAW can last three months or longer. The symptoms include difficulty in:
– Thinking clearly,
– Managing feelings and emotions,
– Remembering things,
– Sleeping restfully, and
– Problems with balance and physical coordination.

The symptoms are stress sensitive. This mean problems get more severe when under high stress.

A complete guide to Managing Post Acute Withdrawal (PAW), which is the major source of fog in the addict’s mind, is available in Terry Gorski’s Blog.

It is also explained in the Books
Staying Sober – A Guide for Relapse Prevention  and
Straight Talk About Addiction



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