Meeting My Addictive Self


By Spero Alexio

I met my addictive self one night. He was banging on the door at three in the morning like some kind of rage filled monster. I imagined that he was seven feet tall, scaly skin, demon eyes and intended to rip me to shreds.

I opened the door and found that my addicted self was only a frightened child who needed someone to talk to. So I invited him in.

We sat by the fireplace and ate a box of Fig Newtons while watching the flames do a relaxing dance in the hearth. I asked what had been bothering him and he replied cryptically, “a lot of things, you should know.”

I had to agree that I was aware of a variety of stressful situations in my life, but had neglected to acknowledge them.
“You see, I’m a very busy man.” I said to my addictive self.

“That’s why I came by,” my addicted self said. “I came here because you haven’t been paying attention to me.”

We talked about old times and had a few good laughs. After awhile, my addicted self began to drift away.

“I sorry but I don’t want you coming back,” I said.

He turned to me and shook his head, “Well, that’s really up to you.”…

One Response to Meeting My Addictive Self

  1. Steven J Taormina says:

    YES This REALLY is up to mke… Thanks again Terry

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