A Cop’s Christmas Eve

By Terence T. Gorski
December 16, 2013

police_xmasThere is one thing you can be sure of, Cops work more than their share of holidays and weekends. This is a great sacrifice. It is, however, part of the job. Most cops don’t complain. They just suck-it-up and do the job. On Holidays like Christmas Eve, the crimes and criminals they deal with can burn into their memories. No only are they away from family and friends, they are dealing with the difficult people and situations no one else wants to deal with. They often take it in stride for decades. With age and retirement, most police officers, like all people, begin taking stock. They remember the holidays they lost with friends and family. It is only normal to wonder at times, was it worth it?

I have had the privilege of working for and with police officers for many years. I have found the overwhelming majority of officers to be people of good will, trying to make a difference, while carrying a huge burden.

My brother, Sgt. Tony Gorski of the West Dundee Police, sent me this link entitled A Cop’s Christmas. It is beautiful example of the men and women that I know who wear the uniform.

I am proud of my brother and the good he has done. He has made the world a little bit safer. I wonder, however, will he be with his family for the Christmas Holidays.

A Cop’s Christmas


Preferred Duty On Christmas Eve

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