On Being Sentient – Awareness, Growth, and Change

By Terence T. Gorski

Image “As a sentient being I can grow beyond my original programming. Therefore, I can choose to change who I am and what I am to become.”
~ Data, The Android – Star Trek The next Generation.

Too many people see their past as their future and feel trapped. This is because many of us learned that we are severely limited in our lives. We are taught that there are few choices in front of us that can allow us to grow and change in positive ways.

I don’t believe that this is true. As a matter of fact – I know that it is no true. People, even coming from the most extremely conditions, can learn, grow, and change.

We can’t do all things, and we usually can;t do it all by ourselves, but most of us can do more than we doing now. We can learn how to grow and change, slowly and systematically, on a day-by-day basis within limits. All human life, in my opinion, is always within limits. We grow by eating those limits and finding a way to become better people.

“The mind is powerful thing!” ~ KC Hollmer, Navy SEAL, Retired

The brain can grow and change at all stages of life in response to experience. The brain grows, changes and recovers more quickly when well nourished and well exercised. It also grows in response to new learning, especially learning done with other people.. We can retrain brain dysfunction, learn emotional management and new behavioral skills. We can become expert communicators and use those skills to bring good people into our lives.

Our past is not our future because we have the present moment. We can choose to become more aware of what we are thinking feeling and doing. We can choose to start making changes. One small change each day, and within a year our lives will be significantly different.

The process of change goes something like this.

1. Get a vision of who you want to become and the life you want to live.

2. Get an accurate picture of who you currently are and what you life looks like.

3. Find the programs from childhood and unfinished life experiences that are holding you back from change.

4. Set up a plan that will guide you in doing some small thing every day that will lead you toward your goals.

5. Then slowly, one day at a time, start chipping away at those things that are holding you back.



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