Grasping That Which Cannot Be Held


The moon. The howling of a lone wolf. The spirits flee from our grasp even as we try to hold them close.

3 Responses to Grasping That Which Cannot Be Held

  1. Spero Alexio says:

    The living have nightmares while the dead rest peacefully- Spero Alexio.

  2. Spero Alexio says:

    Hi TG, I returned to your blog to remove my above comment. While meditating this afternoon, it occurred to me that someone who was having suicidal thoughts might interpret my words to mean that death would bring them peace. My intent was quite different. The dead don’t sleep or rest or even dream…they are dead, the spirit has left the body. I do use themes related to existential psychology in my practice, especially for clients who have been spinning their wheels with addictive drug use, sleep walking through life as if they had all the time in the world and never questioning their purpose or legacy…. Much Love, Spero

    • Terry Gorski says:

      Dear Spero, I appreciate your thoughtful comment. The ability to communicate to a large audience nearly instantaneously by hitting the send button is both a benefit and and a curse. There is also the problem of the use of humor in social media and blogging. I have been trying to keep things light and injecting humorous elements from time-to-time but find they are often misunderstood because of the two-dimensional nature of the communication.

      I understood you intent and don;t see a problem. Thanks for you clarification.

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