Combat Stress: A Short Course For Returning Warriors

By Terence T. Gorski

We learn by starting at the beginning and taking it by the numbers all the way to the end.

The following short course is only the roughest of maps. Hopefully it will give yo enough to find you way through the maze. Reflect upon each point so it becomes a conscious part of your lived experience.

It’s not about being fast. It’s about being thorough. It’s not about skimming the surface. It’s about going deep. It’s not about learning something new. It’s about accepting and affirming what you already know.

Breath deeply, relax, and allow your story to play out in the theater of your mind. Share each step in dialogue with other warriors. Leave no one behind. You have already survived.

Now is about believing that tat you have survived, knowing that the horror is over, and learning to live again.

Session 1
1. We decide to become a warrior

Session 2
2. We commit
3. We train

Session 3
4. We fight
5. We survive

Session 4
6. We remember
7. We suffer

Session 5
8. We honor lost comrades
9. We help others
10. We mourn our losses

Session 6
11. We find higher meaning
12. We strengthen our sense of self
13. We recommit to comrades

Session 7
14. We enter the community we fought for
15. We expect true understanding only from other warriors
16. We forgive those we fought for who cannot understand

Session 8
17. We heal and grow stronger in spirit
18. We sense the spiritual presence of all warriors that have come before
19. We build a new life strengthened by the code, discipline, and spiritual power of the warrior
20. We use this strength to build a foundation for true peace and prosperity

‘We sleep safely at night
because rough men stand ready to visit violence
on those who would harm us.’
~ Winston S. Churchill ~



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