Becoming Friends With Pain and Fear

I have learned that pain and fear are both necessary parts of my life.These feelings are early warning signals that I might be in danger. Getting these early warnings is a good thing that can keep me out of trouble.


Just as pain is a signal that there might be something wrong with my body that needs attention, anxiety and fear are signals that there is something within or around me that might be dangerous.

By learning to turn pain and fear into friends, I have found that they visit me less often and are less disruptive when they do visit. I rarely feel fear unless there is some indication that there may be a real threat. I have become street smart and pretty good at staying out of harms way.

When I feel fear, I use it as an early warning signal that something is different and I might be in danger. This let’s me detect real threats and take appropriate action.

I have learned to do personal threat assessments whenever I feel anxiety or fear. If there is no threat, the feelings stop. If there is a real threat, I use the fear as a source of energy to respond to the threat.

Read more about dealing with anxiety and fear in recovery in the book: Straight Talk About Addiction by Terence T. Gorski



The author grants permission to repost, print, and duplicate this note.


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