Peaceful – Even For A Moment

ImageI want to be peaceful, if only for a moment;
to turn off the pain for a little while;
to stop the ever-present chattering of my mind.

These are the things that most addicts want. The only thing they know that will give it to them is their drug if choice. At first it works well, right whenever the addict uses it.  Then, like a fickle friend, the drug of choice plays the ultimate trick.

The addict needs to use more and more to find that moment of peace! It takes less and less to release the monster of intoxication. All too soon the drug of choice stops working and starts destroying. It becomes a problem instead of a problem solver. It causes pain instead of taking it away. It creates inner turmoil and destroys any chance of finding the peaceful state that it originally promised. The big lie of alcohol and drugs becomes clear – they will not permanently peacefulness to the troubled mind. They will not take away my pain or solve my problems.

My drug of choice no longer gives me what I want, but the pain and emptiness of stopping seems unbearable. I am addicted. Trapped by that which once set me free. This is the reality of addiction. It is a game for losers who want to believe in the quick fix and the easy way out. It’s easy to start and difficult to stop. Admission is free but addiction makes you pay a big price to get out.

3 Responses to Peaceful – Even For A Moment

  1. For us older readers, do you think you could make the font size bigger on these??

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