introduction to The GORSKI-CENAPS Model of Addiction, Recovery, and Relapse

August 6, 2010

This blog will give a brief and easy to understand description of addiction, recovery, and relapse prevention for addiction and related problems.

Addiction is a biopsychosocial disease with profound spiritual consequences.

  • BIO means “biological” or pertaining to the physical actions of the body.
  • PSYCHO means psychological and pertains to the actions of both the brain (the hardware of thinking, feeling, and acting) and the mind (the nonphysical software that programs the actions of the brain).
  • SOCIAL pertains to the complex interactions that we have with other people, things, and systems. The social dimension also includes culture which is the basis for deep feelings of either belonging or alienation – feelings of being a part of or apart from.

Added to this mix is the complex interaction between addiction and spirituality. For the purpose of this blog, SPIRITUALITY pertains to our search for a meaning and purpose in life that is larger than ourselves. It is, in Twelve Step language, the search for a power greater than ourselves that will give us the courage, strength, and hope to go on in spite of hardship and adversity. Spirituality is the power that gives us the ability to go on even in the face of our inevitable death.

As you can see we will be covering a lot of territory – so keep coming back.

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August 6, 2010

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